There is basically 5 companies I’m using when trying to book accommodation because I always know it will be totally hassle free and the hosts are good, priced are OK but if you visit Medellin for the first time I would advise to say it’s one of the things you do not want  go wrong.

[removed]” target=”_blank”>Tripadvisor is a worldwide company and they offer lots of times prices below Airbnb so if you want to save some extra bucks it’s worth the time to look over the inventory there.


Airbnb is, as you know very big on apartment rentals and the only reason they are not as big as booking is simply because they don’t do so many hotels. This is about to change as they want to grow at that area also so we will see how they will do. But far the best safety for both hosts and guests, they have a huge insurance to make sure all parts are covered in case there are any problems. It’s easy to find good options here and the reviews are excellent for me as a guest to figure out how good the host are. The downside may be the prices, it’s the most expensive site of the 4 I listed here so you as a guest has simply to decide if you want the pros of Airbnb and don’t bother about the cons. Airbnb charge the guests 11% in fee and the host 3-4% so it’s almost 15% on top of the “standard” price. Another downside is if you get a bad review from your host for any reason that’s not fair, that review stays in your profile for ever and it can be hard to come back from that. is website that has over 9 years of experience from the market in Medellin and they have a huge network of contacts to help you throughout your whole stay. If they can’t match the prices from the other 4 companies on the list, no one can. They will give you the best service through their contacts and they only work now with super hosts or similar to b sure you get the top service while you are here in Medellin. is the company I use as little le as possible and it’s strictly because I have been hosts with them and I don’t like the way they force the hosts to arrange the whole payment process themselves. This is of course to avoid costs for booking and anyway they charge up to 18% in commissions. But to their defense I would say it’s very easy to find competitive prices on the website and there is a lot of discounts as well. A benefit for the guest is that you can book without pay anything in advance and that’s great but for the hosts this mean that many times the guests book 2-4 rooms or apartments and then they decide which one they want upon arrival so the 2 to 3 hosts who’s left over will have a non show up guest and lose the potential income. This has now improved with booking and they are more willing to help the hosts in many cases but the problem is still there.


Homeaway is the company where you also can find good prices and I think they will be a very good competition against tripadvisor and airbnb in the near future as their shares of the market are growing and they are improving their software to make it easier for hosts and guests to have a pleasant stay and booking process.

So my conclusion is that it can be good to look over all 4 websites, but if you don’t have the time or will just check 1 or 2 websites and my recommendation would be suitemedellin and airbnb for price and comfortable a non hassle booking and stay.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and I will be more than happy to help out.

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